Celebrate Women: Women, Words & Wine

Celebrate Women: Women, Words & Wine

Womens History NYC in a Day

I have recently partnered with Airbnb Experiences to offer Celebrate Women: Women, Words & Wine (and other libations!

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Let’s celebrate the hidden history of the city’s most famous builders, reformers, politicians, innovators—but did it all in heels.

On this food, drink, and history experience, we’ll shine light on some of the city’s most hidden—yet most influential—creators, all while noshing on great food.

We’ll talk about Emily Warren Roebling, who built the Brooklyn Bridge; Emma Lazarus, the social reformer and rights advocate best known for her poem affixed to the Statue of Liberty; Dr. Mabel Lee, a Chinatown suffragette, and modern-day mavens of the NYC food and bar scene.

Tour Schedule: 

Select Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in November & December

1 PM: All ages (no drink at the end)

4 PM: 21+

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Why I started these tours:

After seeing the movie Hidden Figures, I felt excited, uplifted–but also mad.

Why had I spent my whole childhood learning about the great men who built America (and the rest of the world for that matter) when women had an equal hand in getting a man in space, winning the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and building the modern wonders of the world.

Not only that–they had to attain these great heights while fighting tooth and nail with their male counterparts to “allow” them to join the race.

As an NYC tour guide, the only way I know how to “correct” such a mistake is to highlight the stories of the women who have been buried in history for so long. My goal is to create uplifting women-centric tours that are inclusive to all who want to join.

I’m lookin’ at you, husbands, boyfriends, and otherwise curious menfolk.

Join me for a 2-2.5-hour tour experience and discover the stories of the women who helped create this great city!

See you in NYC!