NYC in a Day Tours: Our Difference

Have you ever taken a tour that was so full of information–but the guide was as boring as a bag of rocks? Or maybe you felt that the guide made the entire tour about her–instead of the tour content. Some guides are great at conveying information, but they don’t know when to just. stop. To ensure everyone has a great time, my tours are built on three pillars: entertainment, storytelling, and information.

Entertainment: it’s so important to actually enjoy the tour you’re taking. So whether you’re taking a history, food, or photography tour, I make sure everyone in the group is entertained, enlightened, and happy. Also, I’m pretty funny. So there’s that.

Storytelling: Anyone can give you “little-known facts” until they turn blue. But can they make you feel something? In the words of the late great Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” Am I saying that taking one of my tours will be like hanging out with a Pulitzer Prize/Grammy/Tony Award-winner? You’ll never know unless you take a tour.

History/Information: Everyone who takes one of my tours will walk away learning something. Even lifelong New Yorkers always admit that they learn at least one thing on my tours. All tours are well researched with OCD-like precision.


Small Group Size

Have you ever paid $25 to take a tour–only to discover you couldn’t hear or see the guide because the group was so large?

My group sizes are capped off at only 8-to-10 people for most of my tours (my sliding scale tours have a larger group cap). In addition to the above pillars, ensuring everyone can hear, see, smell, and taste everything offered on the tour is equally important to me.


Unique Tour Content

I only offer tours that are uniquely mine. You will never take one of my tours and walk away thinking that you could have learned that information from anywhere else. I also offer tours that most other tour companies don’t offer. You’ll never find basic tour themes on my website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your background?

A: I have a degree in Art History. I’m also a storyteller and have written three books. My tours aren’t simply informative–they’re entertaining.

Q: Will you be my tour guide?

A: I do 99% of the tours. If I don’t do a tour myself, I hand-pick a tour guide that’s just as awesome and interesting and pretty–ahem. The guide will be great. I only work with the best people.

Q: Can I find reviews of your tour?

A: If you’d like to check out reviews for my business, please head over to my Facebook page to see my tour reviews.

Q: What if I don’t like my tour?

A: I want everyone to feel good about their purchase. I’ve never had an unhappy guest. Yet, sometimes stuff happens. Wires get crossed. Expectations go un-managed. If you’re unhappy with any experience, please email at [email protected] so I can make it right.