NYC Attraction Categories


NYC is the size of Paris, Munich, and Rome combined. It has 5 boroughs, hundreds of attractions, and thousands of restaurants. Choose your NYC by focusing ONLY on the activities that excite you. Click on each category to find inspiration to create your own personalized itinerary.

Outdoorsy Attractions

Even though you've traveled to a concrete jungle, you still crave green spaces. You love to feel your the breeze in your hair and you can't get enough of the smell of fresh cut grass.

Historic Attractions

Before boarding the plane, you've already read at least three books on your destination's local history. You love history museums, walking tours, and fall asleep watching PBS practically every evening.

Architectural Attractions

You love the sight of some of the world's most impressive structures. You're just as excited to see the Burj Kalifa as you are to turn a corner and find a quaint Federal-style building.

Kid Friendly Attractions

You have kids who. must. be. entertained. Plus, snacks. And not to much walking. Oh, and they need plenty of bathroom breaks, too. I gotcha covered.

Theatric Attractions

You are in NYC for one reason and one reason only: to see as MANY shows as humanly possible (without destroying your budget). Discover some of the best theater-related activities the city has to offer.

Foodie Attractions

Whenever you think of a vacation destination, you can't help but imagine the type of cuisine you'll dine on as you eat your way through the city. Check out some of the most delectable foodie destinations in NYC.

Budget/Free Attractions

You want to see everything NYC has to offer--but the most expensive city in the world only fits into your budget if you can fit in tons of free and cheap attractions. Check out my favorite activities for when I'm trying to save some cash.

Cinematic Attractions

Though you've never been to NYC, you feel as though you've been here a million times--through the many movies and TV shows filmed here! Check out some of the most famous filming sites from all your favorite movies and TV shows.

Celebrity Attractions

You've seen all of your favorite movie and TV sites, and now there's nothing left to do but see some of your favorite celebrities in person. Check out some of my favorite celebrity-spotting sites.

Artsy Attractions

You travel to immerse yourself in culture. You'd spend days in the Louvre if they'd let you. You could wander through galleries for hours to find that special piece. See an entire list of the city's artsiest spots.

Musical Attractions

Whether you're into jazz, classical, hip-hop, or rock and roll, there's plenty of places to see your favorite performers in the city--or to check out an up-and-coming music legend.

Sporty Attractions

While your home team always takes precedence, you'd still love to check out the Yankees, Mets, Rangers, Knicks, Nets, or one of the minor league teams while you're in town.

Fashion/Shopping Attractions

You didn't come to the greatest shopping city in the world to spend the day in a museum. You're going shopping! Check out some of the best shopping meccas and fashion sites to get some inspiration.

Religious Attractions

You can't seem to get enough of gorgeous cathedrals, exotic mosques, or historic temples. Luckily, NYC is a melting pot of religion. Discover some of my favorite spots to worship--or just appreciate the architecture.

Comedic Attractions

You love to laugh and want the chance to see comedians in their natural habitat. Whether you're here to see a sold-out show at the Garden or an improv night, you'll get plenty of laughs at these spots.

Literary Attractions

You love the idea of following in the footsteps of your favorite writers. You want to drink at the bars Hemingway frequented and see all the sites that inspired great books, poems, and plays.