As a NYC tour guide, I’ve heard/seen it all when it comes to the most common travelers’ fears. Yet most travelers often discover that there are easy fixes to some of the most common stressors in the city. They also find that there were factors they didn’t even consider that they should have been worried about instead!

This is why I’ve created the New York City Survival Kit. This kit offers solutions to just about everything that stresses you about about the New York City–and some factors you might not have even known about!


Top 6 Fears That Stress People Out About Visiting New York City

  1. Buying a MetroCard
  2. Getting lost/figuring out how to use the Subway
  3. Getting in/out of the city from the airport/train/bus stations
  4. Arriving at timed activities too late/not budgeting enough time between activities
  5. Paying too much for attractions/getting scammed
  6. Safety/getting mugged


Every New York City Survival Kit Includes:

  • NYC survival booklet with pertinent info for every day of your trip (PDF)
  • A list of the biggest scams in the city
  • Pre-loaded MetroCard
  • Printed subway map (randomly hard to find in NYC!) with instructions on how to ride the subway
  • Various items included in my “must pack” list for your day bag
  • Activities for when you’re waiting for the subway, bored on the subway, or waiting in line for attractions
  • 10% off items in the gift shop, including custom itineraries and build-your-own itineraries



NYC in a Day New York City Survival Kit

New York City Survival Kit


  • Unlimited weekly MetroCards: the MTA only allows you to use one unlimited MetroCard per person (they cannot be shared). Once you swipe an unlimited card, you must wait 18 minutes to use the card again.
  • In order to add an additional unlimited MetroCard to your cart, you must first add a survival kit. Your order will be cancelled if you purchase an add-on item without first placing a survival kit in your cart.
  • MetroCards are valid for one year. Please do not order Survival Kits more than one year before your trip.
  • Orders are processed in 3-5 business days. Please allow for up to one-to-two weeks to receive your kit.


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